PRESS RELEASE: Symposium 2018 – The Maltese Village  

This is the fourth biennial symposium to be organised by Wirt iz-Zejtun.  The theme being chosen for this year’s symposium is The Maltese Village. The aim behind this symposium is to offer a platform for academics and researchers to share their knowledge about the subject and help the audience to appreciate better the values and [...]

Attard: The Village of Villas and Gardens

Attard is one of the three villages in the centre of Malta.  The urban composition of this small village is characterised by the number of elegant villas and beautiful gardens pertaining to different eras of our history. We will start our virtual tour from Triq il-Mithna.  The vernacular architecture dominates the streetscape of this part [...]

Ħal Għaxaq: The village of alleys, doors and balconies

Ħal Għaxaq is a small village on the southeastern part of the island.  In the past it was renown for crafts related to the building industry such as plasterers, tile layers, masons, stone decorators and deffun workers.  This fame is still physically visible in the village’s own architecture and its detailing. This itinerary will start [...]