Zejtun Centre Architectural Heritage

During the hot summer months we believe that people in Malta enjoy more their outdoor life rather than sitting in front of a computer screen digesting our writings on architecture. Therefore we thought of giving you something lighter but still enjoyable to get you appreciate better our local architectural heritage.

We will be screening a number of photographic shots portraying details of our heritage, which most often in our routine activities we miss out, especially if we just drive by such buildings rather than enjoy a walking experience.  You may think that the camera lenses can capture more than our eyes do, but you can still see these details with your naked eyes if you walk by and look for them!

We will be visiting a number of local towns and villages.  For obvious reasons we will be starting with our town – iż-Żejtun.  We will be seeing different architectural details found on buildings of different architectural styles, although most of which were built in the last three centuries.  All the buildings are found in the town’s centre, that is the area around the main parish church and thus this is only a small portion of the rich architectural heritage this southeastern town posses.



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